Publishing Your First Medical Humanities Monograph

In this online event, run especially for ECR members of the Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research, we will hear from three scholars who have recently published their first monograph within the medical humanities. Each speaker will talk about their experiences of publishing: the pitfalls and difficulties as well as the intellectual and emotional rewards. These authors have published or are publishing with Edinburgh University Press, Berghahn Books, and Manchester University Press. After the three short talks (ten to fifteen minutes each), there will be time for audience members to ask questions about publishing a medical humanities monograph as an early career researcher.

Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the School of Architecture, Planning and Environment Policy, University College Dublin. She will join Goethe University Frankfurt as a Humboldt Research Fellow next year, where she will start working on her new project, Non-colonial Internationalists and Hospital Provision(s) in the Global South. Her first book, Emotion, Mission, Architecture, is forthcoming with Edinburgh University Press.

Ben Kasstan is a Vice Chancellor’s Fellow and medical anthropologist at the Centre for Health, Law and Society at the University of Bristol. His research explores the cultural politics of health protection, and specifically how reproductive and child health provoke opposing quests and questions around preserving life between minorities and states. His monograph Making Bodies Kosher: The Politics of Reproduction among Haredi Jews in England was published open access with Berghahn Books (seires on Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality) in 2019. Email: 

Coreen McGuire is a Lecturer in Twentieth-Century British History at Durham University. Her first book, Measuring Difference, Numbering Normal: Setting the standards for disability in the interwar period combined history of medicine, science and technology studies, and disability history. She will commence a 5-year Wellcome University Award project with Durham University on ‘When Categories Constrain Care: Investigating Social Categories in Health Norms through Disability History 1909-1958’ in 2023. For a full list of publications see and follow on Twitter @coreen_anne.

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Posted on 12 May 2022, under News.