Diseases of Modern Life: Nineteenth Century Perspectives

Title of project:

Diseases of Modern Life: Nineteenth Century Perspectives


Name and institution of principle investigators:

Professor Sally Shuttleworth, University of Oxford


Names and institutions of co investigators/collaborators:

Dr Amelia Bonea, University of Oxford

Dr Melissa Dickson, University of Oxford

Dr Jennifer Wallis, University of Oxford

Funding sources:

This project is supported by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme under Grant Agreement Number 340121


Summary of research:

This project explores medical, literary and cultural responses to perceived problems of stress and overwork in the Victorian age, anticipating many of the preoccupations of our own era. Particular areas of focus include: diseases of finance and speculation, diseases associated with particular professions, alcohol and drug addiction, travel for health, education and over-pressure in the classroom, the development of phobias and nervous disorders, and the imaginative construction of utopias and dystopias. The project aims to break through the compartmentalization of psychiatric, environmental, and literary history, and to offer new ways of contextualising the problems of modernity facing us in the twenty-first century.
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Anticipated time frame of project:

5 years (2014-2019)


Anticipated audiences:

Historians of Medicine, Historians of Science and Technology, Cultural and Literary Historians of the Nineteenth-Century


Tagged as: 

Overpressure, Stress, Nerves, Medical Humanities, Interdisciplinarity, Interdisciplinary Research




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Posted on 19 Jun 2015, under Projects.