Medical Humanities: In(Visibility)

Online, Wednesday 21 – Friday 23 April, 2021

The global and local health inequalities revealed and perpetuated by the COVID-19 pandemic require us to reflect upon how we do medical humanities research. How does our work render some aspects of health and illness visible, while leaving others out of sight?

The aim of this year’s congress is to think more carefully about what sort of experiences the medical humanities has become adept at bringing to light, whilst reflecting on the ways in which theoretical methodologies, research priorities and funding structures have left other voices unheard.

We are delighted to bring you over 50 sessions which cover a huge range of perspectives on the theme of invisibility in the medical humanities. Key themes include COVID-19, shame, disability and mental health, and our speakers will be joining us from from all over the world.

Further information and registration can be found here

The Congress is free to access, but registration is required

We look forward to hosting a global audience with dynamic and innovative research. See you there!

Posted on 09 Apr 2021, under News.