New members are very welcome. Members are kept up to date on forthcoming events and are added to our list of members below.

If you would like to become a member of the network then please contact Jane Abel to be added to the mailing list and members page.


Thania Acaron, University of Aberdeen
Kate Adkins, University of Sheffield
Rachael Allen,
Marie Allitt, University of York
Kate Allsopp, University of Liverpool
Elham Amini, Durham University
Professor Sarah Atkinson, Durham University
Dr Monica Azzolini , University of Edinburgh
Dr Alex Bamji, University of Leeds
Dr Kathryn Banks, Durham University
Dr Clare Barker, University of Leeds
Dr Veronica Barnsley, University of Sheffield
Dr Elizabeth Barry, University of Warwick
Dr Dori Beeler, Durham University
Dr Philip Begley, University of Liverpool
Professor Sanjoy Bhattacharya, University of York
Imogen Bidewell,
Dr Josie Billington, University of Liverpool
Rebecca Bitenc, Durham University
Dr Stella Bolaki, University of Kent
Holly Brown, Ghent University
Simon Buck,
Dr Lucy Burke, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Christina Buse, University of York
Dr Stella Butler, University of Leeds
Professor Felicity Callard, Birkbeck University
Dr Annamaria Carusi, University of Sheffield
Dr Ria Cheyne, Liverpool Hope University
Anthea Colledge, University of Leeds
Alexandros Constansis,
Dr Jessie Cooper, University of Liverpool
Dr Megan Coyer, University of Glasgow
Dr Lizzie Craig-Atkins, University of Sheffield
Dr Gayle Davis, University of Edinburgh
Marjolein de Boer, Maastricht University
Dr Sheila Dickson, University of Glasgow
Dr Luna Dolezal, Durham University
Dr Shane Doyle, University of Leeds
Dr Hilary Engward, Anglia Ruskin University
Professor Martyn Evans, Durham University
Dr Maria Farren, Kings College London
Dr Mike Finn, University of Leeds
Michael Flexer, University of Leeds
Dr Andrew Gardiner, University of Edinburgh
Dr Nicole Garrod-Bush,
Carolyn Gibbeson, Newcastle University
Julia Goddard, University of Sheffield
Dr Janet Greenlees, Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr Anne Marie Hagan, University of Edinburgh
Dr Julia Hallam, University of Liverpool
Dr Abir Hamdar, Durham University
Dr Natalie Hammond, Manchester Metropolitan University
Moira Hansen , University of Glasgow
Sarah Hartley, University of York
Dr Emily Heavey, York St John University
Lucy Hodgetts, University of York
Dr Eleanor Holmes, Newcastle University
Professor John Hunt, University of Liverpool
Dr Nicky Imrie, Scotland's Urban Past
Dr Lucy Jackson, University of Liverpool
Dr Annie Jamieson, University of Leeds
Dr Jayne Jeffries, Newcastle University
Dr Catherine Jones, University of Aberdeen
Dr Margaret Jones, University of York
Dr Chisomo Kalinga, University of Edinburgh
Martha Kelly, University of Birmingham
Dr Stephen Kenny, University of Liverpool
Dr Caroline King, Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr Laura King, University of Leeds
Dr Robert Kirk, University of Manchester
Lea Trier Krøll , Aarhus University
Naomi Kruger, Lancaster University
Professor Clark Lawlor, Northumbria University Newcastle
Katrina Longhurst, University of Leeds
Dr Stephen Longstaffe, University of Cumbria
Dr William Macauley, University of Manchester
Louise Mackenzie, Northumbria University
Eleanor MacKillop, University of Liverpool
Dr Charlotte Mathieson, Newcastle University
Laura McKenzie, Durham University
Roger McKinley, Fact
Dr Alex Medcalf, University of York
Professor Andy Miah, University of Salford
Dr Sarah-Anne Munoz, University of the Highlands and Islands
Dr Paul Murphy , Queen's University Belfast
Dr Catherine Oakley, University of Leeds
Dr Lizzie Oliver, University of Leeds
Dr Des O'Rawe, Queen's University Belfast
Alex Osborne, University of York
Dr Janine Owens, University of Sheffield
Abigail Oyston, Lancaster University
Dr Sanghamitra Pati, Indian Institute of Public Health, Bhubaneswar, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI)
Lenka Pelechova, University of Nottingham
Dr Geraldine Perriam, University of Glasgow
Dr Martyn Pickersgill, University of Edinburgh
Tom Quick, University of Leeds
Professor Jennifer Richards, Newcastle University
Duncan Robertson, University of York
Mary Robson, Durham University
Dr Leon Rocha, University of Liverpool
Professor Sharon Ruston, Lancaster University
Karen Rushton, University of Manchester
Charlotte Armstrong, University of York
Dr Monica Saavedra, University of York
Dr Jac Saorsa,
Professor Corinne Saunders, Durham University
Dr Tasia Scrutton, University of Leeds
Professor Elena Semino, Lancaster University
Dr Lisa Shaw, University of Liverpool
Professor Sally Sheard, University of Liverpool
Rebecca Simpson , University of York
Douglas Small, University of Glasgow
Professor Kari Nyheim Solbrække, University of Oslo
Sue Spencer,
Kate Spicer, University of Liverpool
Kimberley Staines, Durham University
Helen Stark, University of Edinburgh
Dr James Stark, University of Leeds
Dr Kate Stobbart, Newcastle University
Professor Brendan Stone, University of Sheffield
Dr Jules Sturm, University of Amsterdam
Alison Summers, Newcastle University
Dr Deborah Ellen Thorpe, University of York
Dr Carsten Timmermann, University of Manchester
Emily Timms, University of Leeds
Julia Tinland, Durham University
Dr Hannah Tweed , University of Glasgow
Dr William Viney, Durham University
Dr Douglas Virdee, Durham University
Ben Walker, University of York
Oisin Wall,
Dr Rosemary Wall, University of Hull
Dr Lena Wånggren, University of Edinburgh
Professor Brian Ward, Northumbria University
Dr James Whitehead, Liverpool John Moores University
Sarah Wieten, Durham University
Dr Marianne Wilde, Newcastle University
Dr Adrian Wilson, University of Leeds
Dr Steven Wilson, Queen's University Belfast
Professor Phil Withington, University of Sheffield
Professor Michael Worboys, University of Manchester
Stephanie Wright, University of Sheffield
Ryosuke Yokoe, University of Sheffield
Dr Kevin Yuill, University of Sunderland
Dr Shahaduz Zaman, Newcastle University
Dr Camilla Mørk Røstvik, University of St Andrews
Dr Jane Mulderrig, University of Sheffield
Professor Sue Vice, University of Sheffield
Dr Lucy Weir, University of Edinburgh
Dr Ryan Sweet, University of Leeds
Dr Sophie Jones, Birkbeck University
Sarah Spence, University of Glasgow
Natalie Cook, University of York
Dr Manon Mathias, University of Glasgow
Kristina Fleuty, Anglia Ruskin University
Dr Mary Madden, University of York
Alice Marples, University of Manchester
Dr Pauline McCormack, Newcastle University
Louise Benson James, University of Bristol
Fredrik Nyman, Durham University
Miranda Anderson, University of Edinburgh
Diana Beljaars, Cardiff University
Anna Ilona Rajala, University of Brighton
Sam Smith, University of Sheffield
Douglass Virdee, Durham University
Catherine Kelsey,
Dr Chisomo Kalinga, University of Edinburgh
Jessica M. Dandona,
Caitlin Stobie, University of Leeds
Dr Anna French, University of Liverpool
Dr Eeva Sointu, University of York
Nicola Sugden, University of Manchester
Dr Crispian Neill, University of Leeds
Sarah Phelan, University of Glasgow
Jenny Hunter, Northumbria University
Verusca Calabria,
Natalie Mullen, Lancaster University
Ute Oswald, Warwick University
Dr Anna McFarlane, University of Glasgow
Elizabeth Schlappa , Newcastle University
Amelia Dafalco, University of Leeds
Jemma Houghton , University of Manchester
Phil Loring, History of Medicine Norsk Teknisk Museum, Oslo
Christine Matzke, University of Bayreuth
Dr Şima İmşir Parker, University of Manchester
Katy Shaw, Northumbria University
Joan Healey, Sheffield Hallam University
Josh Simpson, Strathclyde University
Dr Georgina Binnie, University of Leeds
Dr Kathryn Hurlock, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Elizabeth Hardwick, Warwick University
Dr Stella Bullo, Manchester Metropolitan University
Prof Emma Rose, Lancaster University
Joseph Wood, University of Glasgow
Dr Ian Robson, Northumbria University
Dr Leen de Vreese, Ghent University
Amy Hardie, University of Edinburgh
Dr Liz Brewster, Lancaster University Medical School
Tobias Dietrich, University of Bremen, Germany
Sarah McNicol, Manchester Metropolitan University